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Munnar is located in the High Ranges of the South Western Ghats. The area conferred the status of clusters of Shola national parks. The highest reaches of the Western Ghats at the junction of the Anamalais and high ranges form high plateaus with an average elevations of about 1500m and 2000 m above sea level with individual peaks going up to 269400 m .The mean elevation of the region is 1500 m above MSL and temperature of the park vary from 3 - 29° C and the annual rainfall is above 4,000 mm. Monsoon period is misty. The rainfall in this area ranges from around 2000 to 5000 mm with a dry season ranging from two to three months.The vegetation in the region is mostly grasslands and shola forests. The landscape of the park is a thing apart in this mountain chain. Rolling grassland stretching between the horizons, cool breeze, mist and greenery, the experience is indeed unique. The grassland is dotted with small patches of shola forests in the sheltered hill folds.


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Munnar birding area consists of Eravikulam National Park, Pampadumchola National Park, Mathikettanchoila National park, Anamudichola national park and patch forests of riparian sholas, cardamom plantations and tea plantations. Though Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is in the leeward of the mountains, a birding tour in Munnar will be completed only with Chinnar. Munnar Birds tour provides a rich mosaic of shola- grassland ecosystem and streams, which are rich in verities and population of birds. There are about 142 species of birds are reported from Shola-Grassland and 162 species from Chinnar-Marayur plateau. Apart from 10 endemic species many migrant species like Kashmiri flycatcher are also seen in this forests and grassland. Three one endangered, 3 near threatened and 1 vulnerable species of included in the list..


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The tour consists of guided bird watching sessions giving thrust to restricted birds species along with other birds. South Western Ghats is a hotspot for endemic birds. The destinations cover in Munnar birding are Eravikulam, Pampadumchola, patch forests, West Ridge forests, Chinnar and Marayur. 2 nights and 3 days package is an ideal time for most of the target species of South Western Ghats.